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Dog Friendly Stops

If you’re anything like me, you’re super social and want to bring your dog everywhere that will allow him. Not many people know how many establishments are dog friendly, so I’m hear to share our favorite dog friendly spots!

I always get the “you take your dog along” when talking to my friend and family about our adventures.

My response is usually “hell yeah”

So, where do we go!? Let’s check out my favorites spots!

Dane Good Breweries

Dane Good Distilleries and Cider

Dane Good Restaurants and Patios

These lists are never really ending! I know I only have a short snippet here but promise to keep updating as we go on more adventures!

Unsure if your dog or your Great Dane is a candidate for patios and dog friendly spots? I always, always encourage you and all dog owners to be your dogs advocate and know what they can or can’t mentally handle.

Be sure that your dog is dog friendly, or calm enough to not cause a ruckus. Most establishments will ask you to leave if your dog is unruly and take signs of aggression very seriously.

I know that Cash and I can often have a hard time at very busy places when other dogs are around because he can get a little snarky with them. If your dog is the same way, pat yourself on the back for acknowledging the behavior but also make sure you only go and very slow times, or with someone who can check out the space for you before entering.

Always bring some water if it’s warm, a nice mat to keep your dog in “place” and enjoy!

Have a photo of your dane and you out at your favorite spot?! Shoot me an email – and I’ll add it to our list!