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How is COVID affecting dogs?

This whole COVID situation is affecting all of us in so many different ways, and it’s actually quite insane how much that COVID is affecting dogs and their behavior around us.

The months of March and April have seen dog attacks and dog bites skyrocket by 80%. EIGHTY. PERCENT. EIGHTY! What in the world is happening here?

I can’t pinpoint what the issue might be other than perhaps lack of structure with owners being home more often than not, kids being home, dogs feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Perhaps dogs are feeling the anxiety of owners and uncertainty in the universe. Another thought is that everyone is trying to get out of the house so they are taking unfamiliar paths in new territories. This means not so friendly dogs, and unsocialized dogs, are out and about.

This is happening with the best dogs! This is happening with already aggressive dogs, and it could happen to you.

Please, be extra cautious during this time when you are out with your pet on a walk but also in your yard and in your home. If your dog is used to being out on a tie out just fine alone, consider always being out there with them. If your dog is usually fine within the fence, consider always being out there with them.

The damage that our dogs can do if they decide to attack is deadly and I don’t want it to happen to your dog.

Now, we know that you can have your Great Dane in complete control, but your dog might not be the one to start the issue. Dogs are getting out of fences, out of collars, pulling out tie outs. Unfortunately even if a dog comes after yours, our Danes can still do damage and even if they are defending themselves, they are often the ones blamed for the incident. Consider protecting yourself and your pet with a pet corrector spray can to stop a scuffle, or the citronella spray.

Outside of dogs, kids are getting crazy in the house, everyone is home all the time when your dog is used to time alone and quiet. Give that to your pet. Don’t let the kids overwhelm your dog with their presence. Continue to keep the structure and kennel your dog if they are used to it. Or find a space for your dog to rest.

With COVID affecting dogs, and going no where anytime soon, be cautious, be aware, watch your surroundings, and now more than ever don’t have the attitude of “my dog is friendly it’s fine”. You never know when it might not be.

If you’ve been part of a scary situation from your own dog or others, you’re not alone. If things have gotten out of hand and you need more resources you can reach out to The Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI for further help.

Stay safe and keep your pets safe!