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De-Shedding / Grooming Your Great Dane

When it came to researching the Great Dane breed, I thought I had checked all the boxes in finding the most perfect breed for me. I remember reading “low grooming”, so for some naive reason, I assumed that meant low shedding! Boy was I wrong. Great Dane hair is different than most dog hair too, I feel like it’s even worse! Here’s what you need to know about grooming your Great Dane.

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Result of grooming your great dane

The average medium and long coat breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Shepards, Labradors, etc. have fluffy fur that will likely ball up into the corners of your home and look like little tumbleweeds under your kitchen table.

Great Danes have super short, sticky, almost needle like hairs that happen to weave themselves into places you cannot imagine, and tend to stick right to the floor! I’ve only found that a vacuum can clean this up. The Swiffer just pushes the hair to the side. So annoying!

I guess “low grooming” only refers to not the fact that they don’t need hair cuts– now you know!

Let’s get onto the tools that I found work best for grooming your Great Dane.

I was on a witch hunt to find what would work best for my boy. I tried everything, or so I thought until I found these gems.

Sleek EZ

I found the Sleek EZ in a Great Dane Facebook group that I’m in and it changed my world. This thing was originally made for horses so it only makes sense that it also works amazing for “my little pony” of a dog.

This tool isn’t your average dog brush. The Sleek EZ is a super simple yet super effective. It’s a wood block with a blade of super tiny teeth that is somehow made up in a way to grab the shedding undercoat without painful tugging. The hair literally just keeps gathering! I didn’t even think my Great Dane HAD this much hair! I mean, yeah I find it over everything in my house but when it comes to brushing it just doesn’t stop!

The best part about the Sleek EZ, is that I don’t have to pull anything out of the brush, it gathers in chunks and then falls with the flick of a wrist!

I can’t help but feel like I’m grooming a horse with this thing, and you can certainly tell that it’s made for larger animals. I tend to only use this on the sides of Cash’s body and as close to the spine as I can get, along with the neck. Because I feel that the blades may hurt him, and have heard a yelp or two from too much pressure, I continued looking for other tools to help me with his back end, spine, tail, and legs.

result of a good grooming session

Hands On Gloves

Next up- Hands On Gloves– my other favorite thing on this planet. I was given an offer by, Total Dog Company, a local dog food and product store, to try out these gloves for free and give a review on whether or not they should sell them. The store owner, Sue, happened to know that I was looking for something else to complete my grooming routine with Cash.

Let’s just say these things changed me life. I called Sue right away and told her to- Fill. Her. Shelves. I was going to tell all my friends about these. What’s better than petting your Great Dane? Petting them with gloves on to do double duties. I could go around his face, his neck, his spine, down his tail, hips and legs! The hair does gather within the gloves but with a hard flick of the wrist it flies off.

Hands On Gloves work to not only remove hair from the dog, but also massage the muscles, stimulate circulation, overall feel amazing for your pet, all while helping to distribute natural oils for a healthy skin and coat!

The gloves also work amazing for bath time that once a year you decide to actually bathe your Great Dane (that’s another post in itself). I brought them with me to the local Chuck & Don’s self service wash and was so impressed with how they work for washing too!

Seriously, these gloves make grooming your Great Dane, so easy.

tools for grooming your great dane

Monat Pet- Freshen Up Deodorizing Spray

Once you’ve finished grooming your Great Dane, to top it all off- you have to find an odor fighter, waterless shampoo, doggy cologne, or something like Monat Pet that encompasses it all.

The scientists working with Monat, really dug into the PH levels of the skin on dogs, to find a product that will work best for them. They found a natural based formula that deodorizes and kills odor causing bacteria. Monat is cruetly free, vegan friendly, and gluten free.

Tested on Humans first, and loved by dogs after!

Seriously though, this stuff is amazing. Cash smells great, and I can use it as a much safer alternative to Febreze to also spray down both human and go furniture!

Nothing is better than a freshly groomed pet! Now that Cash is clean I can wash my bedding and hope it stays fresher a little longer this time!

Grooming Tools