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Sanctuary For Unadoptable Great Danes

Aggressive Great Danes? Unable to be adopted? Say whaaat? They are the kindest, sweetest souls, they aren’t aggressive. Think again.

Photo: Studio Twelve:52

These dogs are generally the sweetest on the planet, however, we are seeing more and more aggressive Great Danes that are surrendered to our rescue program and it’s honestly getting out of hand.

Where are these dogs coming from? Bad breeders? Bad owners? Perhaps a combo of the two? That might be for another post, but let’s focus on the fact that there are aggressive Great Danes out there ready to be euthanized.

Photo: Studio Twelve:52

Thank goodness one rescue understands this, and is on a mission to welcome aggressive and unadoptable danes into their program.

The Great Dane Sanctuary, located in Siren, Wisconsin, believes that these dogs have a life worth living. They have built a sanctuary where aggressive Great Danes can come in and live their lives in a fun, and loving environment until their very last day.

photo courtesy of Studio Twelve:52

The Great Dane Sanctuary is run by a kennel manager, a staff member, a board of directors, and many volunteers. This facility runs solely on donations when it comes to funding- let that set in for second.

I am the Vice President of the Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI, and the Great Dane Sanctuary. I had the pleasure of spending some time up there the other day (I wish I could make it more often!) to get some yard work done.

Let’s just say, I left with such full heart. We saved these babies, and they soooo deserve it. They don’t have to protect anyone there, and they have built so much confidence that their aggression doesn’t show. How amazing is that!

The Great Dane Sanctuary can currently house a total of 12 Great Danes and we are often at full capacity with waiting lists of aggressive dogs that need out help. We just don’t have the space or the funds to widen that number.

If you’re finding yourself contemplating on whether or not you need to surrender your dog, stop and think what’s best for them. I know it’s such a hard decision, and we absolutely have a space in our hearts for your pet but not always the physical space to take them in.

I just ask that you be your dogs advocate. Can you keep your dog separated from those he’s afraid of, or reactive to? Can you keep the dogs separate- would it be a better life still? Can you get a trainer involved to help you? Perhaps a muzzle would be a good option?

There are so many steps that can be taken before euthanasia, and your doggo deserves a chance!

Unable to make it work? Send them our way, we will do what we can and I promise to love your dog forever.

photo credit to Studio Twelve:52